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About Northern Star Farm

Wismer Family Lineage


1. Jacob Wismer- Born in Germany

Born 1684, Died 1778(94 years old), Came to America and settled

In North Carolina in 1709, Fled to Bucks County, Pa because of Indian

Uprisings, Married- Nanny Souder, had 10 children

2. Henry Wismer- Born 1730, Died 1806(76 Years old)

Married –Barbara Lederach, had 12 children

3. Christian Wismer- Born Bucks Co. 1767, Died Oct. 11, 1852

(85 years old), Married- Mary Rosenberger, had 10 children

4. Bishop(Mennonite),Abraham R. Wismer- Born Skippack 1797

Died Oct. 15, 1877 (80 years old), Married- Susanna Kolb, had 4 children

5. Abraham K. Wismer- Born 1834, Died 19??

Married- Sophia Allebach, had 7 children

6. Christian A. Wismer- Born 1856, Died 1934(78 years old)

Married- Mary Emma Fry, had 2 children

Charles and Eli

7. Charles E. Wismer- Born 1887, Died 1968(81 Years old)

Married- Anna Weikel, had 4 Children:

Dorothy Garis, Alice Zollers, Mary Emma Wismer,

and Charles E. Wismer Jr.

8. Charles E. Wismer Jr.-Born 1933, Died 2006(72 years old)

Married- Mary Jane Troutman, had 4 children:

Matthew G. Wismer, Betsy J. Nice,

Melinda Wismer Loux, and Julie Bechtel

9. Matthew G. Wismer- Born Aug 30, 1957

Married- Debra Claycomb, had 2 children, died March 28, 1996

of breast cancer at the age of 38

Ashley Laura Wismer

Erin Michele Wismer

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