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Do we need a reservation?


2021 Bonfires and Moonlit Activities
it's fall y'all! bring your friends out to have some fun 

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Moonlit Activities FAQs


Do we need a reservation?


What is included with admission?

•Firepit area with haybale seating, firewood for approx 1 and 1/2 hours, 7 acre corn maze, and hayride. Everything included is within walking distance. 

Do I have to bring my own flashlight?

• Yes

When is my fire lit?

• Camp fires are lit once you have completed the hayride and corn maze. Fires may be lit earlier upon request with additional wood available for purchase.

Do you have tables I can use?

•Yes tables are available for rent for $20

Can I bring food & drink?

•Yes! Please bring your own food and drink!

Do you have an indoor building available?

•Yes! We have a 30'x40' insulated building with concrete flooring available for rentals with large or intimate groups. Electrical outlets, lights, refrigerator, tables, chairs, and double doors leading to a private bonfire area are included with this room for a $250 rental fee. 

Do you supply s'more supplies and materials?

•No, please bring your own. 

Can I buy additional wood for my bonfire?

•Yes! Extra wood is available for purchase.

What time is check in?

• Between 7:00pm-8:15pm

Can we sit together on the hayride?

• Our hayrides can hold up to 70 people at a time! Please make a special request when booking if you have an extra large group that would like to ride together.


Is there a limit of people we can invite?

• No! We can accommodate large groups as this is 200 acre farm with fire pits spread out in a large field.

Can I throw haybales into the fire?
•Seriously? Throwing any of our hay bale seating into the fire for your added thrills will earn you immediate ejection from the property. This will absolutely not be tolerated.

Are your animals and activities open at night?

• No. Our animals and additional activities are closed during night events. Please let them sleep! Any person disregarding these rules will be asked to leave. 

Can we get a group discount?

•No. Groups are all charged the same per person rate. 

Can we arrive early to set up?

• No all persons must check in at 7:00pm with our cashiers.

Do you have wagons available for coolers, party trays, heavy items?

•Yes! we will have wagons available to help assist you in moving large items. 

Do I have to get in line even if my group paid for me?

•Yes, everyone must check in with our cashiers before entry. 

How will I know where my bonfire pit is?

•All fire pits are assigned with large numerical numbers. When you check in, you will receive your number and we will have NSF employees able to direct you to your area. 

Will I be guaranteed a private bonfire area?

•We cannot guarantee private areas for groups less than 20 people.

Can I pay for everyone in my group?

•How kind of you! Yes you may. Full payments are available. 

I don't want to do the activities, do I still have to pay?

• Yes. Our per person fee is a general admission

Can I bring alcohol?

•No. We would appreciate no alcohol consumption for the safety of all parties. 

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